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As I was going through some of the images from the recent Wall Street protest, one sign that got my attention was "the world has enough for everyone's NEED but not enough for everyone's GREED. " (img) We try to point our fingers to blame the government, investors, bank executes and even the president for our current economic disaster. The important tasks at hand is what can we can do to improve the current system so this type of 'crash' does not repeat itself again in the near future.
11/1/2011 06:30:37 am

revolt?.. idk what we could do to prevent this in the future.. is it to late? The same politicians that have been running shit have been there a while and dosnt look like that's going to change one bit.. I guess it would be up to the individuals to make changes themselves, be smarter, recycle, be green, don't get lost in materialistic concepts that are constantly thrown at you by the manipulated media.

9/28/2012 03:50:35 am

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