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To start off and give it a little background, this note is not about politics or promoting alcohol. It shows my point of view on how social media perception can work with or against your cause. Deep Eddy Vodka is a Austin area based vodka company. Romney is the main GOP contestant versus Perry (you should know this).

As I am going through my daily junk marketing emails, one stood out from the subject line. "Deep Eddy Vodka Presents: "FLY A FRIEND TO ACL FEST!" Win Airfare + TWO 3-day Passes!" My first thought of this marketing email is very positive. The timing for this is perfect consider ACL passes are sold out and flying one of your friend down to Austin for ACL would be a big bonus. I jumped on the link in the email and it redirected me to the Deep Eddie facebook page (http://screencast.com/t/7cvKBpas8I). You have to 'like' their page and provide a name and email in order to register, I figure why not for a chance to win something awesome. Done and done. You also had the option to post a link on your profile and I didn't do that (didn't like them that much). Soon after, I saw 4 of my friends posted the link and 30 of my friends 'like'ed Deep Eddy Vodka from the news feed. I'm assuming some liked it because of the email offer and some liked it because many of their friends liked it without knowing the offer. I think that's a pretty successful marketing campaign.

Later on, I was trying to follow up on an election topic so I googled for 'Romney'; clicked on the first link to www.mittromney.com and the landing page directed me to here: http://www.screencast.com/t/GmJek6dQr4ks. The part of the page that caught my attention was the 6 facebook likes; zero twitter; 2 G pluses on a campaign landing page. Whoa, did someone hack his campaign page? is Romney this unpopular? :-) After doing some digging around, I found out that Romney does in fact have over 1 million followers on facebook (I can't find this number anywhere on the website). Why does the website only shows 6? As it turns out, some idiot engineer that works for the website thought it would be great to track individual link shares and PUBLISH the sharing statistics on the main page. Implementing live social media statistics is great way to engage the audience to share but a political campaign landing page should always show a summary versus individual link shares.

By now you should be able to figure out which one is the winning campaign and which one FAILED. As always, this is my point of view.
7/31/2012 03:39:01 pm

I really like your post. How social media perception can work with or against your cause.always been very informational. I hope you’ll keep up the good work and maintain the standard. Best of luck.


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